The best places in Kaunas on the map

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Our Kaunas travel guide The most viewed place tips are listed below. The map moves to the hint when you click on the hint sequence number. On the map are all 37 places mentioned in our guide in Kaunas, spiced with extracts from Wikipedia. Places include attractions, shops, restaurants and more. Click on a placemark on the map for more information.

The best places in Kaunas on the map

1. The new bus station (Autobusų stotis), which was completed in Kaunas in the 2010s, is a great place in every way, where you can eat something, there are other services and there is a storage room in the office next door.

Coordinates: 54.8894, 23.9272

2. Kaunas Botanical Garden, or VMA, is far from the core, but it is a good place to visit for those interested in botanical gardens. The garden, maintained by Vytautas Magnus University, originated in 1923 and is the largest plant collection in Lithuania, located over a large area. Its greenhouses are also the largest in the country, and there are numerous events in the garden, especially in spring and autumn.

Coordinates: 54.8712, 23.9123

3. The relatively little used railway station in Kaunas is quite close to the bus station, but further away from the core. From there, it’s easiest to take a taxi to the rest of the city, and it’s worth downloading the Bolt app on your phone or tablet.

Coordinates: 54.8865, 23.9312

4. KVT is a transport company in Kaunas, and it has several bus and trolleybus lines. They are relatively easy to move around, but they do not go to the old town but to the square next to it.

Coordinates: 54.8999, 23.8904

5. The largest supermarket in the city center is the department store-like Maxima, which is located in the Acropolis Center. There is a walk from the bus station, but from the old town there is a much longer distance, which is admittedly shorter if you walk along the riverbank.

Coordinates: 54.8927, 23.918

6. Just behind the War Museum is the city’s most significant art museum. MK Čiurlionis was a Lithuanian artist and composer who lived from 1875 to 1911, and in just over a decade he composed more than 400 compositions and painted more than 300 paintings. His art mainly represents romance, symbolism and art nouveau, and in this museum one can see his paintings and can hear his compositions.

Coordinates: 54.9005, 23.9126

7. In the new parts of the city center there are some restaurants and other places to eat in and around the Acropolis shopping. The mall itself has cafes, a Hesburger and some other fast food outlets.

Coordinates: 54.8917, 23.9188

8. A presidential palace in operation between the wars. The building housed three different presidents from 1919 to 1939, and today houses a museum where you can learn more about those times.

Coordinates: 54.8976, 23.8972

9. Vilniaukselta can seamlessly turn to the city’s new side of the main boulevard, named Laisvės. It’s the city’s most versatile street for a meal, but some of the restaurants along it are closed on Sundays. The street continues for almost two miles, but many of the best restaurants are close to the church in the middle of the street, which is nearly a mile and a half from the old town.

Coordinates: 54.8973, 23.913

10. A convenient little shop right at the headquarters of the Old Town is Aladinas, along Vilniaus gatvė, which has a good selection of drinks and is open until 21:00 most days. If you turn onto the street next to the shop, at the end of it is Šilas, which is a fairly well-stocked supermarket with an excellent selection of drinks.

Coordinates: 54.8966, 23.8913

11. The Old Town Square (Rotušės aikštė) is a place to dine at least once during your stay. Its restaurants are varied, and during the summer season, the Vilnius-side end of the square fills with terraces.

Coordinates: 54.8965, 23.8876

12. One significant area in Santaka Park is the so-called Paavinmäki, who has another memorial to John Paul, as he visited Kaunas in 1993 and held a service there.

Coordinates: 54.8976, 23.8823