The Chloe Lonsdale Tips to Recognize The Best Jeans

The designer British Chloe Lonsdale, founder of the fashion brand MiH Jeans gives us some tips on the jeans world, a world that enhances the brand especially. The designer would indeed discovered his passion for classic denim finding child models stored in the trunks in the attic of his parents, he would immediately love the genre and would thus chose to reinterpret it in a modern way, with an eye to years models’ 70, so taking the road that would lead her to found MiH and become renowned throughout the world for its models.

We know, the jeans is now a timeless model from which no collection can regardless, I remind you in this regard the Miss Sixty line focused on denim (see here), but also beautiful models proposed by Liu Jo for his spring / summer 2011 collection.

To the question “What makes a jeans a good jeans”, the Lonsdale answers that are too lightweight and too tight models are not a good example, because they will lose their fit and their adherence before the others.

Its collections therefore aim at the “old style” cuts and fabrics, and this makes them the best.

The signs from which recognize the best jeans, according to the designer, it would be a compact and dense fabric adapted to models not too tight: the combination to be recognized in good quality jeans is that of attention to detail, good fabrics and skilled labor and Finally even the washing and ironing are important at the time of creation, but in this case each has its secrets!

Women who do not buy jeans, the Lonsdale replies that denim is the fashion sign timeless, for classic style among those who donate more to the feminine silhouette.