The Look Right: A Good Way to Use Floral Bermuda

Despite not having the approval of the majority of men, the floral print is gaining ground, whether in the version of “liberty”, with the standard small, or with designs more attractive. But let’s be fair, there are ways and ways of using a play as the bermuda of the photo, you are the one who chooses whether it will be in a look fancy or will look more discreet.

The Look Right A Good Way to Use Floral Bermuda

Why does it work?

In my opinion the author of the look was well happy in the composition: while the bermuda is printed is eye-catching and tropical shirt henley gave a cooled in the visual with this olive green. In the end there is a focus on the floral print, but at the same time note a slight desire to make the look sober, even with the contrast of colors.

The choice of the shirt over loose cotton was also very clever to create this look beachy and light, leaving all the elements of the look lined up, including the straw hat, an accessory dresser that protects you from the sun with style.

Try this…

use a sandal of leather or the popular Hawaiian if the idea is to stroll through the sand of the beach, if the choice is the stroll along the promenade or a trip around the bars and restaurants of the region, a dockside leather medium brown will give more charm in the production.

It would not be the same thing if…

Swapped out the floral bermuda for a jeans, for example, the visual would be much more urban than seen here.

In short:

  • Give a chance to the floral prints, knowing how to balance with the other parts, they are nice looking;
  • For a look beach, choose pieces comfortable cotton and with style stripped;
  • If a piece is calling a lot of attention, another with color style and more discreet you can leave the perfect combo;
  • Have at least one shirt henley short sleeves in the wardrobe;
  • Walk in the sand and asks for sandals, but in the summer the dockside is the king of style boardwalk;
  • Jeans, twill thick and the tailoring were going to leave the look with face very urban, avoid if it is not the intention.