The Man With The Hat: 5 Trends From Fashion Shows Autumn / Winter 2015-2016

There is a period in Milan, where it is pleasant even take the subway at 7 am, to queue to enter the premises and make a date in the center.Obviously, I’m talking settimama of men’s fashion in which young tall, handsome, muscular and unaware turn fitted with road map and photo book from posters, mostly the wrong road. When you’re lucky you plant the eyes in the face (to you that you were blowing your nose) and they ask you “Where is Montenapoleone ??” . You, of course, would you be prepared to cancel all appointments, to give you an ill office to accompagnarceli in person with a lot of selfies from testimony. And instead, almost always, shows the way, the smile and then go looking for them in the pictures of the parades. Here, we are here: never recognize them because with two touches of hair dryers and clothes large are not beautiful. They are beautiful! Having said all that, as they devote a special article, with the top five of hats appeared on the latest catwalks of Milan man ?!

Iceberg and Beanie, commonly called warm hat, already very full style new normal , the style that will replace the hipster, going to shave his mustache, will color the clothes and remove the blacks from Instagram Polaroid filter. Iceberg for part time and crushes the rebel strands of her boys in awarm hat . Electric blue. Bravi!

It will be that in Sardinia true winter is cold, but the fur hats of Antonio Marras I very much liked. Especially if worn with the “ears” lowered cocker model. What then, can also serve to isolate ourselves when we do not want to hear everything that is happening around us!

DSquared2 that to the delight of a “hat lover” like me has used a number of hats in show. To play down, to dampen or, more often, to exaggerate a look that would have hardly gone unnoticed. All promoted: the baseball cap to the huge colbaccone fur (large so that counts as hand luggage on the plane!). Among all though I enjoyed thefedora pointy, almost a “Saturn” model exaggerated. Very beautifull.

The Englishman Daks, conquering the catwalks with a hat directly taken over by the Austrian army at the end of ‘800 or the more contemporary uniforms of law enforcement. Black or colored, leather or fabric, hard, to “box” with visor. Sexissimo.Militarissimo. The designer combines both the dress is the mesh, for a careful look and very male.

Emporio Armani catwalk presents a simple hat, but indispensable that sideways pose.If my husband had one so I’d steal it to him immediately. As the shirt or the clock. This elegant hat and “cozy” refers to that of the French Gendarmerie … Or, to understand, it looks like the hat made with newsprint sheet.In short, just an elegance king as George could revive this accessory. And I, no doubt, put it in first place! It is therefore more casual or more austere, the man with the hat wins and wins hands down, especially when the impression of having worn by chance, as a monochrome tshirt or a pair of old jeans!