The ‘Perfect’ Leather Jacket, A Classic Versioned

The leather jacket is the perfect overcoat for the period of time, fundamental in any male wardrobe that stands out, for its versatility and comfort. And is that if we know to choose the one that is best for us, it will be a conjoining ally with everything.

The pledge of a thousand names sucksjacket, jacketjacket, or commonly called a jacket, is suitable for all audiences. Today we present a selection of the best leather jackets of the season and the versions most fashionistas, do not miss.

Like all classics, over the years has been going through different mutations, which have done nothing but offer us many more possibilities than we had orignially. The first leather jacket was created by the Scott brothers in the USA(1928) which they called ‘perfect’, although there are similar antecedents in designs of the German army, much success must this garment to the big screen, when in 1958 the Film The wild one , in which Marlon Brando interpreted a leader of a band of bikers.

Motorcycle Jacket

Fellowship, freedom and contact for nature, are some of the values ​​that bikers exalt as a philosophy, to understand their passion for two-wheeled vehicles. A biker without his ‘sucks’ can not be understood in any way. The choice of the so-called ‘biker’ is not by chance, the leather, besides being perfect for the cold or heat is protective in case of blows, usually the bikers usually wear reinforcements like elbows and pants to match.

The house of the medusa led by Donatella is one of the most traditional masons with the use of fur, Gianni already loved it, and in all its collections we can always see garments in this material. For this season they present total black looks and leather jackets with engraved details and matching leather mittens.
A dark popurri as a general tonic of the parade, where aesthetic motera; High boots with buckles and a lot of leather, blends winks to the rock; Jewelery, accessories and grid t-shirts and a much more futuristic image with Matrixglasses.

Leather Rocker

In Gaultier prefer to bet on the model rocker always,’the perfect’ that I assume will take the name for how good it is. Jean Paul always staged his shows in an exaggerated way, for this occasion he presented different characters, executives, sportsmen, bikers, all with something in common boxing, many of them were made up as if they had left their first match. Placed separately, a selection of very functional garments with predominance of the skin not only for the jackets.

Rockero Vest

The Belgian Raf Simons was one of the pioneers in posing the deconstructivism of garments, a new pattern of cuts more angular and a marked character always very radical, although this time has not invented anything has simply removed the sleeves to the perfect, is an alternative by Raf (second line) to replace the vest always combined with a hooded sweatshirt and jeans tight can be one of the looks most trendy of the season.

Baseball Jacket

Much less ornamented by Ricardo Tisci for Givenchy, a dark aesthetic a little less sinister than usual, but more religious, with Jesus Is Lord message t-shirts or sandals in winter, very typical of Jesus Christ.
The leather garments (in American institute beisbolera version), leggings , extra-tight trousers, skirts and tailoring pieces were mixed hawthorn necklaces, as signs identifying the Tisci style.

Basic Jacket

In Paul Smith they prefer to bet on functionality and their choice is the smooth, unadorned jacket, straight cut, waist and elastic cuffs, flap pocket and making a slight neck effect fireplace.
The most relieved and neutral option, unlike the rest is not associated with a particular style and can be worn the public, combined with dress pants and sneakers may be a good choice to wear a casual- formal or with jeans and shoes For chic style.

Leather T-Shirt

The lightest version of all is the one presented by the Italian company known worldwide for its jeans, Diesel , which has a first line, Black Gold, with much more worked garments, better fabrics and materials and much design.
For this fall the jacket is minimized taking the form of a simple shirt, the lapel is the material chosen, much lighter, the result, great combined with jeans , military boots and white T-shirt underneath.

Motorcycle Pants

The English James Long came to be among the most acclaimed at London Fashion Week , along with Gareth Pugh orAnderson London, are part of that group of young promises of design, whose collections are always within adramatic, gothic and even decadent line, So characteristic of the British fashion of the last times.
For this autumn reinforced biker pants become indisputably wearable garment of street, whenever combined with thick point. The oversize versus skinny silhouette repeats successfully, as a note of distinction leaves the mythical black by the blue ink , so current.

Get Your ‘Perfect’ At Low Cost Price

If our budget is more adjusted but that is not what stops a fashion victim , there are many economic brands that has presented different models, my favorite of All Saints or Ted Baker, not too cheap and you’ll have to buy online, good design but not too much quality Pull & Bear or or Topman (not made up mostly in leatherette ).
The best for me the Massimo Dutti , basic cut very wearable, or good value for Zara (synthetic leather quite acceptable), as I show you belonging to the young men’s line, although on the web you will find many more .

And you already have yours?