The Route of Ateliers and Bridal Shops to Visit If You’Re Going to Get Married

If you marry in 2016, surely that you are looking for your dream wedding dress. Where to buy? We have selected a Jezebel route of Ateliers and shops of brides to visit. You’ll find different styles ranging from classic to the latest trend, but always creations that will make you shine on such a special day.


Pronovias is the leading company in the sector of brides. In the signature you can find fantastic creations of different styles. There are many stores that have scattered throughout Spain, but the largest is found in Barcelona. An area of 1,000 m² located in Rambla de Catalunya, 129 distributed on two floors, in which the collections are Atelier Pronovias, Pronovias and Elie by Elie Saab and also for party. The flagship store has five rooms and 16 testers. One of the five rooms has the “champagnerie”, where you can relax with champagne in a single area full of romanticism and elegance.

Alicia Rueda

Brides of Alicia Rueda they are romantic and very feminine, with exceptional fabrics and patterns. The Basque designer always defines his style as “female, youthful and flirtatious”, and what we really are are creations of details, where the vintage touch is the absolute protagonist. The only store that has is in Bilbao. A very cute space where can also find all kinds of accessories for the bride. A very cozy space with details of romantic inspiration such as toilets, pink lamps, candles… as if it were your own House. Is located in the Calle General Concha, 4.

Yolan Cris

The firm Yolan Cris, directed by sisters Yolanda and Cristina Pérez, it has many point of sale brides multi-brand stores. But their beautiful and unique boutique is in Sabadell, where were the designers, specifically in the Round Zanmenhof, 100. The boutique is very broad, avant-garde style but with a classic touch thanks to the marble and the columns that capitanean space. There you will find its characteristic and spectacular Couture dresses that deviate from the classic and are characterized by a marked style boho folk, with lace and guipure fabrics protagonists.

David Christian

At the front of David Christian they are Paloma Chacón and his daughter María Roca. The firm was established in 2000 and its success is overwhelming both proposals of wedding guest. Their wedding dresses are characterized by simple lines but with much detail and loaded with romanticism. The structured volumes, low-cut backs and straight lines are the basis of their creations, always with a Bohemian touch very sophisticated. Natural silk in all its varieties, the Swiss dot with appliqué, muslin, gauze and the Mikado dress beautiful designs. The firm has a store in Madrid, But recently the collections of wedding only found in his studio located in the Calle Conde de Xiquena, 6.

Isabel Nunez

If you want to be the most original wedding, but within the traditional, your Web Designer is the Galician Isabel Nunez. Dresses customized with personality, which mixes surprisingly different tissues, and whose result is delicate and Bohemian models. Overlaps and cuts United under a common denominator games: tissues very worked as silk, crepe entretelado silk crepe, Silk Embroidered paperback, embroidered tulle and wonderful crepe chinese in shades of aires vintage like broken black and white classic. The firm, called Inunez, It has two workshops, one in Vigo (calle Urzáiz, 74) and another in Madrid (calle Gurtubay, 6). The latter is simple, very spacious and romantic, perfect to take the measurement of the dress of your dreams. As the designer says: “Inspired directly by each client, try to reflect the strength of each personality in a beautiful wrapping, making each dress unique and unrepeatable creation”.


At the front of Otaduy Is Carolina Otaduy. His creations have a unique style. They are unique, different and sophisticated, with desbocadas backs carved in silk, guipure lace and embroidery in cotton. “When a bride comes to Otaduy know what you are looking for,” says the designer. The signature indie is perfect for brides with personality. His designs are inspired by the music, film and art. Your unique shop-atelier is located in the central Madrid district of Almagro, in the Calle General Arrando, 8. Housed in an emblematic building of the 17TH century, this space can be found in his clothes hung on branches, as if they were an extension of the guipure and lace designs.

Roberto Diz

Brides of Roberto Diz they are offending, groundbreaking and striking. They say that it is the designer of the high society of Seville, but the reality is that his avant-garde creations have placed between the claimed designers of the moment. It told it a few days ago in the interview that we conceded: “I seek to create different girlfriends”, and if he succeeds. Their creations are classic, but it adds originality and tissues needed to transform them into modern wedding dress. With all this, we can say that if you want to give the song the day of your wedding, you will succeed. And where you can go? The Galician designer has a Atelier in Seville, in the Chicharreros Street, 2 in Madrid, On the Calle Génova, 11. The latter corresponding to the image, as you can see is in tune with his style. Avant-garde, striking and ultimately different, with glass painted with graffiti in pink lyrics.


Santos López is the designer of Santoscostura. From his atelier in Barcelona, creates all his clothes custom-made, characterized by lasting over time and stay away from trends. The clean lines and embroideries are two of its main features. In his atelier, which is very welcoming, decorated in white and black with striking lamps, you will be attended personally by Santos and his team of professionals. Is in the Rambla de Catalunya, 125.

Drink ‘ s Closet

“The wedding dresses of” Drink ‘ s Closet they are unique and unrepeatable pieces that respond to the unique development of an idea, a game of textures, delicate and exquisite materials”. Bethlehem Barber defines his clothes jewel. Their designs are characterized by delicacy and craftsmanship of each of them, mostly with older applications, vintage details and hand-crafted embroidery in silver and mother-of-Pearl. Creations made in muslins, organizes and lace… made to measure in his atelier of the Calle Almirante, Madrid-9. A very cosy, delicate space as well as modern, that was precisely the old atelier de Jesús de el Pozo.

Rosa Clara

Rosa Clara It is another of the firms leader in Spain. Mark has numerous stores in all Spain, but the largest is found in Barcelona, in Avenida Diagonal, 409. A boutique of two plants with seven testers find all their collections, different styles and varied, with a traditional backdrop. The firm has only this photo, a pity that not all space, characterized with a minimalist touch black and white can be seen.


Air Barcelona, The most economical line of Rosa Clara, has recently opened boutique in Madrid, in the Calle Príncipe de Vergara, 15. The new space of more than 150 square meters distributed on one floor, consists of three testers, large mirrors and a lounge for guests. A simple shop but with all kinds of amenities, where find cut dresses and style Princess, some with childlike touches and other more sexy, as they are those of silhouette Mermaid and lace. In the recent estrenad collection also will find great fall, inspiration twenties, without volume, dresses with Strass embroideries, ideal for those brides who dream of a dress more soft.