Transparent Leggins: How To Combine The Trend

If you thought the leggings are only for the winter, you’re wrong, and wait until you see ways to combine transparent leggings with your spring and summer styles.

You can take them for sports, to go to the office and, of course, for your party nights. In EllaHoy we tell you.

Transparent fashion leggings

There are models that have simple transparencies to one side and there are others that are transparent in their totality. It all depends on the occasion in which you are going to show them, how you combine them and with what. The transparent fabrics give a lot of play and is that they are a garment that marks style and makes us feel beautiful and comfortable.If you see that you do not dare at all with this trend, we advise you to start by trying with transparent leggings in black and complements with an oversize T-shirt, you will have a look of always but with a modern point.

Where can I buy transparent trend leggings? In Zara, Asos, Zaful and Mango or other online stores such as, you have several models to choose. You just have to choose yours and go out and show it from today. One of our favorites? The transparent leggings of Asos that are more dense at the top to become more translucent at the bottom.

Transparent leggings for sport

If your sport is yours, opt for transparent leggings for exercise. Its comfortable and breathable material makes it an ideal piece for exercising on the street and in the gym.There are models in white, black and others that are in more vivid hues.

If you choose the latter, combine them with a simple shirt, and if you choose the first, you can add a colorful sports shirt or some of the fashionable shoes in fashion that are so fashionable. This way you will contrast and achieve a spectacular visual effect. If you need more ideas, here are the best models of clothes to do yoga and pilates.

Transparent leggins to leave

To party or to spend an afternoon with friends, or to go on a date with that special guy.Transparent meshes give a lot of play and are very simple to complement.

In Zara, for example, we have a transparent high-legged leggin with short inner lining and leg detail with low drape. It is an ideal piece to wear with a black overall look like the one you see in the image of midi dress with the cross top and back with transparencies. Or you can also wear it with a dress of slightly more spring tones.

Another combination of the most suitable for a causal outfit of rebellious air, this is what proposes us Asos: transparent black leggings with lace effect, heavy black t shirt also, denim jacket and converse sneakers to finish off the styling. And if you want a party look for your summer nights, choose this same transparent leggin from Asos and combine it with a mini dress in dark color and nice heeled sandals.

Already have your favorite combination?