Travel to New Zealand

By | May 28, 2021

Experience the fascinating landscape and the varied nature

If you travel to New Zealand, you are guaranteed to have an experience you will never forget. New Zealand is a country that cannot be compared to other countries. Despite the country’s modest size, no other destination can boast such a varied nature, which also means that a trip to New Zealand is definitely worth the long trip. The magnificent nature experiences found in the country do not exist anywhere else on the planet.

A trip to New Zealand also offers great culture

The culture is also unmistakable, which is characterized by many different population groups who have settled in New Zealand. The different cultures are incredibly fascinating; including the Maori culture which is quite distinctive. This culture can be experienced in the city of Rotorua, where there is intense activity in the underground, and you can almost feel the revolt from the earth’s interior. Travel to New Zealand with Kipling Travel and experience what this fascinating, scenic country has to offer.

Practical information

East of Australia, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, lies the elongated two-part island, New Zealand. A trip here is an adventurous experience. The lush landscape is both unique and diverse. The magnificent mountains make their way through nature and divide the land lengthwise. The rushing rivers stand in stark contrast to the windless meadows. Colorful birds fly above us and whales, dolphins and seals swim along the coast.

The people of New Zealand are both hospitable and welcoming. They do not hold back from learning about their great pride – the Maori culture. Here are a variety of traditions that you will see and experience on your New Zealand journey. Among other things, the Maori have a very special war dance, which is now performed at various sporting events. Your trip around New Zealand will be a culturally rich experience with perhaps the world’s most beautiful landscape as a backdrop.

Climate and weather in New Zealand

The impressive country lies on the southern hemisphere of the earth. This means that when you travel to New Zealand, you will experience the opposite season than what you have just left in Denmark. If it’s winter at home, it’s summer in New Zealand and vice versa. The country has its location quite close to Antarctica, where the hole in the ozone layer is relatively large. It provides some rather severe weather conditions.

If you travel in the New Zealand summer, you must be extremely aware of the sun, as you can end up violently burned in a flash – even if the temperature is not so high. In winter, it can feel extremely cold – especially on the south island. Sometimes a blizzard can even occur. Relatively much rain falls in New Zealand and from time to time the amount of landslides. Although New Zealand is a great place to travel at any time of the year, it is important to take the weather conditions seriously.

Tongariro National Park New Zealand

Cities to visit in New Zealand


Auckland is New Zealand’s former capital and the country’s largest city. 1.4 million people live here, which makes up a third of the country’s population. Travel to Auckland, New Zealand for vibrant city life.

After shopping Queen Street thin and enjoying city views from the top of Mount Victoria or North Head, you can take the ferry to Devonport – a charming suburb with beautiful buildings, sandy beaches and specialty shops.


Rotorua is known for being the unofficial capital of the Maori. Here, the traditional culture is still cultivated in great style. Experience their distinctive dances and a culinary experience with a traditional Hangi dinner.

In Rotorua, it has been found to take advantage of the high activity in the soil. Therefore, the city offers a wealth of spa options in hot springs and bubbling mud puddles. You can also get really close to the bubbling geysers.


Since 1865, the dynamic city of Wellington has been the capital of New Zealand. Wellington is located on the southern tip of the North Island and is therefore centrally located in the country. The city is surrounded by green hills and the idyllic harbor.

If you want to visit New Zealand’s National Museum, Te Papa, then Wellington is the place to go. The city tells stories no matter where you go. In addition, it abounds with culinary experiences.

Trip types in New Zealand

Trekking trip in New Zealand

Regardless of your form and experience, there is a trekking route in New Zealand that suits your level. The winding paths take us through wild terrain, open fields and curved mountain landscapes. Welcome to the beautiful paradise of hikers.

Cultural travel in New Zealand

On your New Zealand trip, you will quickly notice a registered culture that probably only prevails here. It is impossible to avoid the remnants of the amazing Maori culture, which, incidentally, continues to live in the best of times. New Zealand has everything from big city life to quiet villages.