Travel to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo

By | October 19, 2021

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is the capital of the country of Brazil and is known all over the world for the city’s landmark, the Sugar Loaf, but also for the beautiful carnival that takes place there year after year.

Various theaters and museums, each with a very different offer, ensure a very balanced cultural offer in this city, in which something can actually be found for every taste. But of course they are by far not the only interesting thing in this beautiful area.

A very high statue of Christ is also one of the most important landmarks of the city and at the same time a popular sight, which is complemented by various churches and monasteries throughout the city.
These come from very different epochs and are therefore of course also built in very different styles, which actually only makes them all the more interesting.

Beautiful parks such as the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro, but of course also the Sugar Loaf, ensure that you can experience a very nice holiday there, where you also have the opportunity to explore and enjoy nature, which is particularly diverse in this area and has numerous interesting facets.

Last but not least, the bay is of course also very important, where you can go swimming, practice water sports or even take a simple trip in a boat, depending on what you are in the mood for.
As already mentioned, the carnival of this city is now known all over the world, which is certainly due to the elaborate costumes and the spirited dancers who play an important role in it.

Many people come to Rio every year during this time in order to be able to experience the carnival and many millions more follow the hustle and bustle at home from their television. This important time for the city has also been broadcast on television for many years so that people from all over the world can take part and celebrate at home.
Rio de Janeiro has its very own charm and is, in a very stylish way, a city where you just have to get in a good mood, which you only understand once you have experienced it yourself.

Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is a very important and large city in Brazil, a country located in South America according to THERELIGIONFAQS, which is of course primarily Latin American, but is subject to many different influences, so that you can usually encounter a colorful mix of many different cultures there. But all of them have left their mark, which mixes into a completely new culture.
In Sao Paulo there is a very well-known and most important theater, in which even Maria Callas, but also many other famous people have performed.

In conjunction with the various museums that deal with all sorts of specialist areas, this theater forms a very important part of cultural life in the city and ensures a rich offer, in which there is actually something suitable for every taste.
The various skyscrapers in Sao Paulo are characteristic of the cityscape. Since this city is much less a stronghold for tourists like Rio de Janeiro for example, you don’t always find the really interesting buildings there immediately, but more or less stumble upon them. Because they are a bit scattered around town. Different churches of different sizes and from very different epochs are scattered over the area of ​​Sao Paulo. So that there you always have the opportunity to visit one of these imposing buildings and discover the special highlights.

Parks play an important role in Sao Paulo, with the largest of them not only offering beautiful gardens and beautifully landscaped lakes, but also being the location for a planetarium, for example. In which you can have a very nice afternoon while you dare to look at the stars.

The carnival is absolutely one of the attractions in Sao Paulo and even if the local one is not as well known as the one that takes place in Rio de Janeiro, it is no less colorful and lively, so it can of course be worthwhile especially for this occasion To travel to the city, whereby you then have the great advantage that not quite as many people want to grab a place as in Rio, where you hardly have a chance to stand in such a way that you can see everything.

Rio de Janeiro