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By | October 26, 2021

Area: 331,690 km²
Residents: 95,415,000 (2017 estimate)
Population density: 288 E / km²
Form of Government: Socialist republic
System of Government: Socialist one-party system
Neighboring countries: China, Cambodia, Laos
Capital: Hanoi National
language: Vietnamese
21% Buddhists
7% Christians
2% Hoa Hao
1% Cao Dai
0.05% Islam
Currency: Đồng (VND)
10 Hào = 100 Xu
Exchange rates:
1 EUR = 27,225.30 VND
10,000 VND = 0.37 EUR
1 CHF = 24,606.90 VND
10,000 VND = 0.40 CHF
(rate from 25.03.2021)
Telephone area code: +84
Time zone: UTC + 7

In 2020, 195 Germans officially emigrated to Vietnam and 364 came back to their homeland. Within the 10 years from 2010 to 2019, 2,646 Germans officially emigrated to Vietnam and 2,870 moved back to Germany.

Although the whole country is warm all year round, there are climatic differences from region to region. In the south it is tropical and yet there is a dry season and a rainy season. The temperatures are between 25 degrees and 35 degrees.

According to allcitycodes, the climate in the north is completely different. There are pleasant temperatures with an average of 20 degrees in the months of January to March. In the months of April to July it is quite hot with up to 39 degrees. From August to October it will be more pleasant again. The “winter” is quite humid and characterized by the monsoon. It can happen that the temperatures drop to 10 degrees. In the center of the country it rains much more than in the rest of the country, and there are occasional typhoons from October to November.

What else are you expecting in Vietnam? Fantastically beautiful beaches, 41,000 kilometers of navigable rivers, pristine mountains – up to 3,150 meters high, deep gorges and countless small and large islands. Also worth mentioning are the beautiful fauna and flora.

Travel and Visa

Changed travel regulations during and after the corona pandemic

There is currently an entry ban (including transit) for all foreign travelers. This regulation also applies to German citizens of Vietnamese origin. The issuing of visas for entry to Vietnam is temporarily suspended and only possible in exceptional cases (diplomatic and service passport holders, investors, experts, highly qualified workers, managers and their families as well as international students, foreign family members of Vietnamese nationals).

Upon entry, all travelers must undergo a health check (temperature measurement, COVID-19 test). Travelers who have an entry permit must present a medical certificate from the country of departure upon entry, stating that they are symptom-free and have tested negative for COVID-19. The Vietnamese authorities reserve the right to recognize the certificate in individual cases.

All travelers have to go into quarantine for 21 days in a quarantine facility established by the Vietnamese authorities (certain hotels, central quarantine facilities). After the three-week quarantine in the relevant facility, another week of home quarantine (or in another hotel) with health monitoring is mandatory.

Source: Federal Foreign Office on July 29, 2021

General provisions for travel and residence (until the corona pandemic)

German citizens can stay in Vietnam for a maximum of 15 days without a visa until June 30, 2021. It is recommended that you have a printout of your return ticket with you. A new visa-free entry is only possible if 30 days have passed since the last departure from Vietnam.

If EU citizens want to stay in the country for more than 15 days, they need a tourist visa. It should be requested from the responsible embassy well in advance of the start of the journey. Upon entry, the passport must be valid for at least 6 months, but also at least one month longer than the granted Vietnamese visa. When traveling abroad, each child must have their own travel document.

There are the following different tourist visas:

  • for up to 1 month for single or multiple entry
  • for up to 3 months for a single entry

It is also possible to extend the duration of the visa on site, but this usually requires high fees. A change of the visa is only possible after departure.

A tourist visa for a maximum of 30 days can be applied for electronically. The online application is available at The processing time for this visa is only 3 days. For all other visas, a duration of approx. 1 week can be expected.

The electronic Visa Vietnam can also be applied for in German. offers a German application form with detailed explanations of all questions. If you submit your application on this website, you will receive your Vietnam e-Visa by email within a few days.

Travel to Vietnam