US 2 and 45 in Wisconsin

By | October 26, 2022

US 2 in Wisconsin

US 2
Get started Superior
End Spread Eagle
Length 119 mi
Length 191 km








According to ablogtophone, US 2 is a US Highway in the US state of Wisconsin. The road forms an east-west route through the north of the state, from the Minnesota border at Superior to the Michigan border at Hurley. US 2 is 191 kilometers long in Wisconsin.

Travel directions

US 2 runs through Wisconsin in two places, the first section from Superior to Hurley is the longest and is also a divided highway in the Superior region, with a few grade-separated intersections. The rest east through Ashland is two lane. This section runs south of Lake Superior along. The US 2 then runs a long way through the state of Michigan, after which the US 2 briefly runs for 20 kilometers through Wisconsin in the Florence region, after which the US 2 in Michigan finally runs through Michigan towards Iron Mountain.


US 2 was created in 1926. The route through Wisconsin has not changed significantly. On October 25, 1985, the Richard I. Bong Memorial Bridge at Superior on the Minnesota border opened to traffic.

In 2021, the split-level connection with US 51 in Hurley will be replaced by a roundabout.

US 45 in Wisconsin

US 45
Begin Bristol
End Land ‘O Lakes
Length 278 mi
Length 447 km

Union Grove


Zoo Freeway

38 → Milwaukee / Madison

39 Bluemound Road

40 Watertown Plank Road

42 North Avenue

43 Burleigh Street

44 Capitol Drive

45 Hampton Avenue

46 Silver Spring Drive

47A Appleton Avenue

47B Good Hope Road

48A → Milwaukee

48B 124th Street

50 Main Street

51 Pilgrim Road

52 County Line Road

54 Lannon Road

57 Holy Hill Road

59 → Green Bay

60 Fond Du Lac Avenue

63 Jackson

65 Cedar Creek

68 West Bend

71 West Bend

73 West Bend

Bottom of the lake



New London



Old one


Eagle River


According to beautyphoon, US 45 is a US Highway in the US state of Wisconsin. The road forms a north-south route in the east of the state, running from Bristol on the Illinois border through the Milwaukee metropolitan area, Fond du Lac, and Oshkosh to the Michigan border at Land ‘O Lakes. At Milwaukee, the road is a freeway. The route is 447 kilometers long.

Travel directions

US 45 at Clearwater Lake in northern Wisconsin.

At Bristol, US 45 crosses the Wisconsin border, then parallels Interstate 94 to the north. One then crosses a large number of east-west State Routes in this densely populated area. US 45 then merges with Interstate 894 at Milwaukee. After the interchange with Interstate 94, the road forms an individual highway, from West Allis through Wauwatosa to the US 41 freeway in Milwaukee. From there, both roads are double numbered until Richfield. The US 45 then turns off, and is still a highway until Kewaskum, so that the highway section is 65 kilometers long.

Then US 45 parallels the US 41 highway to the north, through Fond du Lac, past Lake Winnebago to Oshkosh, where it crosses US 41 for the last time. The road then continues north as a regular trunk road, via New London and Antigo through the farmland to Land ‘O Lakes, in the Lake District in the border region with Michigan. In Michigan the road continues towards Ontonagon.


US 45 was created in 1926, but was not extended north to Ontonagon, Michigan until 1935 from Des Plaines, Illinois, also establishing the route through Wisconsin. North of Milwaukee, US 45 is overshadowed by US 41 / I-41, which is better developed. Only between Milwaukee and West Bend is US 45 a freeway, which partly runs with I-41.

Zoo Freeway

The Zoo Freeway is the north-south portion of US 45 in western Milwaukee, from I-43 to SR-145. The southern portion of this is also numbered as Interstate 894. The highway was originally going to be called the West Freeway, but when the Milwaukee Zoo moved west, the highway was renamed the Zoo Freeway.

Construction of the highway began in the early 1960s, the first section of which opened in 1963 over almost 6 kilometers. This is now I-894. Circa 1965, the northernmost section of the Zoo Freeway opened, a two-mile stretch south of the Fond Du Lac Freeway (State Route 145). In 1966 the Zoo Interchange opened between the East-West Freeway (I-94) and the Zoo Freeway. In 1967, most of the Zoo Freeway opened, namely the missing link from I-94 to Appleton Avenue. This completed the Zoo Freeway in a short time. The highway has not been modified since then. In 2013, the number I-41 was assigned to the Zoo Freeway.

Freeway Lake Bottom

The Fond Du Lac Freeway is part of several routes. The portion east of US 45 in Milwaukee is numbered as State Route 145. Between SR-145 and Richfield Interchange, the route is numbered I-41/US 41/US 45. This route was opened in 1953 as a divided highway. However, it was not a highway, there were level intersections. From the 1960s to the 1980s, intersections were replaced by connections and the Fond Du Lac Freeway was created. Since 2013, this section is also considered part of Interstate 41.

West Bend Bypass

From I-41/US 41 at the Richfield Interchange past West Bend, US 45 is also a freeway. This is called the West Bend Bypass, although this segment is a lot longer than just the bypass of the town of West Bend. This road opened in 1986 as a super two. The second carriageway was constructed in about 1990, and this part of US 45 was also a freeway.

Traffic intensities

The highway section in Milwaukee is heavily used. Every day, 114,000 vehicles travel north of I-43, rising to 159,000 vehicles on the south side of the Zoo Interchange with I-94. North of the Zoo Interchange, 153,000 vehicles initially stabilize at about 140,000 vehicles through the western suburbs of Milwaukee, then drop to 103,000 vehicles south of SR-145 and then gradually drop to 82,000 vehicles in the northwestern suburbs and 80,000 vehicles at the intersection of I-41/US 41 and US 45. North of these, 32,500 vehicles are still driving south of Jackson and 36,000 vehicles south of West Bend. North of West Bend there are still 14,000 vehicles.

US 45 in Wisconsin