USA Landmarks

By | October 22, 2021

The United States is a country that attracts millions of tourists annually. There are a large number of different sights and attractions here. Since there are such a large number here, you would have to write a whole book to list all the sights in the country. So just a brief top ten of the country’s most popular attractions:

According to TRANSPORTHINT.COM, Las Vegas is a special city. There is primarily glitter, glamor and illusions that certainly do not leave any visitor unaffected. The very first casino in Vegas was in the 1940s (built by gangster Bugsy Siegel). So the beginning was created for what is now a gigantic and crazy paradise for players and entertainment. More than 39 million tourists come to Las Vegas every year.

In Vegas, you should definitely check out the Venetian, a casino hotel that is modeled on Venice. But the Luxor is also worth a visit or the MGM Grande. The Wynn is an absolute must. The equipment and class there is simply unsurpassable. The construction costs for the hotel alone amounted to more than 2.7 billion US dollars. In Vegas you can’t just play games or be entertained by special effects. There are also big shows that are held regularly with celebrities like Elton John, David Copperfield or the Cirque de Soleil.

Washington DC ranks second in the top ten most popular attractions in the United States. There is hardly a USA tourist who does not even want to see the center of power in the country for a lifetime. So you should definitely see the White House, the Capitol or the seat of the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States.
Guided tours of the White House have to be requested from the responsible consulate almost months in advance. Guided tours in the Capitol are not a problem. You should just be at the cash desk in good time before the other crowds.

San Francisco is known for the Golden Gate National Recreation Area alone. This included more than three hundred square kilometers of urban parkland, which is the largest in the world.
The city has other attractions to offer, such as dune landscapes, miles of beaches where you can watch whales in winter, or the famous prison island of Alcatraz. For nature lovers, a visit to Muir Woods is an absolute must. There are huge redwood trees to marvel at.

The Grand Canyon is a must for every American tourist, as there is a fantastic landscape to see. The Colorado River flows through a gorge 450 kilometers long and 1.5 kilometers wide through the Colorado Plateau.
The viewpoints on the southern part of the gorge offer the best view of this fantastic landscape.
Mostly nature lovers come here to get to know the interesting flora and fauna in the national park and to enjoy the wonderful view.
You can of course go hiking here, but you should only try your hand at a day tour if you are practiced. Here you have to be in excellent physical condition and have very good equipment in order not to get into an avoidable dangerous situation.
If you still don’t want to avoid the thrill, you should take a look at the Skywalk in the Hualapai Indian reservation. Not recommended for those who are afraid of heights, because this is a twenty-two meter long, horseshoe-shaped glass bar that hangs at a height of 1200 meters above the abyss.

The Empire State Building is also a must-see for any tourist in the country. Who would have thought that the imposing building was erected in a record time of 45 days. Since September 11th, when the World Trade Center was destroyed, the Empire State Building is again the tallest building in the city with 443.2 meters.
From a viewing platform on the 102nd floor you have a fantastic view of the city and, on a clear day, even up to 130 kilometers into the distance.

Yosemite National Park is definitely recommended for nature lovers. The park covers approximately 3000 square kilometers and is the third oldest national park in the USA. More than three million visitors come here every year. The reason for this is probably the almost picture-perfect and diverse landscape of the park.
Almost every visitor to the park has been to the famous granite rocks, such as B. El Capital, which is one of the largest monoliths in the world. But the Half Dome is also absolutely impressive with its 2693 meters. A visit to Yosemite Falls is definitely not to be missed.

However, the oldest national park in the country is Yellowstone National Park. There are over 250 geysers and hot springs here. But visitors don’t just come here for the hot springs, they are also looking for the romantic mountain lakes, primeval forests and waterfalls. The canyons have an incredibly diverse flora and fauna to offer.

Mount Rushmore is one of America’s most impressive landmarks. Here, about 18 meter tall portraits of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln have been carved in granite by the sculptor Gutzon Borglum. Who would have thought that in 1937 such a masterpiece could even be achieved without special tools. It took almost 14 years to build and more than 400 workers were involved in total.

The Walk of Fame is just as popular with tourists as the previously mentioned sights. Here, on Hollywood Boulevard, there are more than 2,300 stars set in the ground, in which famous stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Liz Taylor etc. have immortalized themselves with a hand and footprint. The Walk of Fame was created in 1958 at the urging of the Chamber of Commerce, as it wanted to give the film metropolis a new shine.

USA Landmarks