Valais, Switzerland

By | November 25, 2021

In the canton of Valais stands the tourism in the forefront. The French-German-speaking canton lives from the annual winter and alpine tourism. Located in a stunning Berglandschaft, the canton has manners as capital.

The canton of Valais is a member of the Swiss Confederation and consists for the most part of the valley of the Rhon e, extends to Lake Geneva and the side valleys.
Mostly you will find valley and alpine landscapes here, such as the Bernese and Vaudois Alps. The Valais Alps are home to the highest mountain in Switzerland.

A few years ago, a huge avalanche caused a catastrophe in the ski and holiday area of ​​Valais. Many houses and tourist facilities fell victim to this disaster. The fall of the snow masses that buried entire streets under them also cost human lives.
Today, however, the area has recovered well from the forces of nature and tourism is flourishing again.
The main valley is well protected by the surrounding mountains. A steppe-like climate can be found here. The Valais is therefore quite dry and warm in the valleys.
In Valais they rely on tried and tested traditions. The water supply, for example, works by means of water pipes that date from the Middle Ages.

Hiking in Valais

No, this does not mean the beautiful hiking sport that can be practiced in many places in Valais. The migratory movement is more about the problem of the emigration of the Valais. Many of the residents from the Alpine region move to the cities to work there. The Valais is also struggling with an emigration of its citizens. Some come back, but many leave forever. Young people in particular, who have better professional opportunities in other cantons or who attend universities there, usually stay away forever.

The Valais only offers limited options here. Many, however, remain closely connected to their homeland, often come to visit or buy small holiday and weekend homes.
The problem, however, is that Valais cannot and does not attract such qualified workers and university graduates. They usually stay away forever, as they are better able to find a job in other regions of Switzerland.

The tourism canton of Valais

The Valais lives from tourism. Most of the service providers here are geared towards year-round tourism. Tourism has been the canton’s economic sector since the second half of the 19th century. Mass tourism flooded the region back then. Today the model of gentle tourism is more likely to be used.

There are over 120 winter and summer vacation spots in the canton of Valais. Among others, Bellwald, Binn, Ernen, Obergoms and the alpine regions Bettmeralp, Fiescheralp and Riederalp belong here. The famous Zermatt is also located in the canton of Valais.

The Valais is also known as a holiday canton. Here there are often holiday homes next to holiday homes. There are entire streets full of chalets for rent. Usually these winters and summers are well booked. National and international guests from all over the world travel to Valais and enjoy the beautiful, calm and blooming landscapes. Especially the mountain climate is very much appreciated by townspeople. And those who could no longer rent a holiday home are also welcome for a day holiday in the beautiful Valais.

Valais, Switzerland