Green Vermont

“Green hill” with lakes and forests

The state of Vermont is located in the north-east of the USA, without access to the Atlantic and is counted among the New England states. In Vermont there is a large lake called ” Lake Champlain “. The lake was named after the first “white man” in the region, a Frenchman named Samuel de Champlain. The name Vermont derives from the French term for “Green Mountain”.

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In 1791 Vermont became a member of the Union, the United States of America. Significant battles took place in Vermont during the American Revolutionary War against the British. The capital of Vermont is Montpelier. Burlington is the country’s largest city with a population of approximately 43,000 in 2020. Around 7,400 people lived in the capital Montpelier in 2020. The state of Vermont borders Canada to the north. Vermont has no direct access to the Atlantic. Vermont borders the US states of New York, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Montpelier is probably not a big city, but it is all the more beautiful for that. Across Vermont, about 643,000 people were at home in 2020.

Green Vermont

The Green Mountains, which run through Vermont, are a defining scenic element in Vermont. Plenty of industry has settled in the larger cities of the country. Overall, however, Vermont is quite small-town and provincial. The forests in Vermont attract many tourists every year. The nature, the small towns and villages in Vermont radiate a lot of peace and are ideal for a relaxing vacation.


Green Vermont

In the fall, during Indian Summer, Vermont is fully booked. Skiing is possible in Vermont in the winter. In summer, hiking and camping are among the most popular leisure activities.

Enjoy the delicacies of nature

Agriculture is very important in Vermont and is very common. Farming is usually not very productive due to the poor soil, but livestock, especially cattle, is very common in Vermont. In addition, fruit growing is very common in the country. Healthy, culinary delicacies are made from the fruits. Vermont’s inns and restaurants are supplied with fresh produce from the farms and orchards. Eggplants, blueberries, peaches, strawberries, peppers and pumpkins are the main products. In addition, Vermont is a large producer of maple syrup, which is very popular in America.

Vermont Indian Summer

Vermont is famous for its idyllic mountain and hill landscapes. Lakes, rivers and quiet, dreamy villages are a paradise for those seeking relaxation. Hiking, biking, horseback riding and fishing are popular recreational activities in Vermont. Skiing in Vermont is very possible in winter. The state is very densely wooded, predominantly mixed forests are to be found.

In the fall, countless visitors (estimated at 8 million!) come to Vermont for the ” Indian Summer “. Numerous wealthy Americans from nearby New York who want to enjoy the tranquility of Vermont own a weekend home there. Vermont is aptly named the Green Mountain State.

Burlington – university town

The university city of Burlington is located on Lake Champlain, which is one of the largest inland lakes in the USA. Burlington is great for shopping, and Church Street Marketplace is known for it. The Green Mountains are a popular destination in Vermont. Other (small) towns in Vermont are Rutland, Newport, Vergennes and Middlebury.

Art sculpted from wood

Vermont is also home to numerous artists. Due to the large resource of wood, Vermont has traditionally made good and beautiful wood furniture. Vermont’s creative artists enchant visitors with wooden works of art. The US state, the New England state of Vermont, does not have a national park. In addition to some protected areas, there are a number of state parks to discover in Vermont.

Map of Vermont – United States

The map of Vermont, located in New England, USA, shows the neighboring states, the largest cities, the most important transport links and highways, the lakes and rivers in the American state. Vermont borders Canada to the north. About 627,000 people currently live in the US state of Vermont in 2019. The area of ​​Vermont is 23,871 km². The capital of the country is Montpelier.

Largest cities in Vermont

  • Burlington
  • Essex
  • South Burlington
  • Colchester
  • Rutland
  • Bennington

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Vermont attractions

  • Lake Champlain
  • Vermont State House
  • Mount Snow
  • Dorset
  • Newfane
  • Shelburn Museum
  • Mount Mansfield
  • Bread and Puppet Theater
  • Ski Resort Killington
  • Lake Aquarium – Burlington
  • New England Maple Museum
  • Brattleboro
  • Indian Summer
  • Green Mountains
  • Billing’s Farm
  • covered bridges