VLC Guide: Tips For Choosing The Perfect Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are a key item that you’ll want to count on to put together some of your best tunes. The advantage of these is that they are timeless, you can occupy them in the coldest months as well as choose one to shelter you on cool spring days or on summer nights.

One drawback is that real leather jackets tend to be very expensive and also are not an option if you wear a vegan lifestyle, that’s why the leather jackets come to the rescue according to Dentistrymyth.com.

To choose your perfect leather jacket there are certain points that you should look for, since it is very easy to end up choosing one whose price is very tempting in the store, but that could look too cheap and a material not at all. In addition to selecting one whose design is most similar to a leather jacket, using as a guide a classic motorcycle jacket, the first thing is to check the texture. Avoid fabrics too smooth and shiny and try to look for one whose surface is porous to the touch and also visually, this makes it look even more real.

Avoid the jackets of cuffs in elasticated fabrics, it is better those that, as we said before, more resemble the design of an original leather jacket, just as it avoids the plastic closures and check that these are metallic. Anyway, an excellent choice is the mixture of fabrics, a jacket where only the sleeves are made of leather and the body of another material will look great.

Lastly as far as the colors these can also influence the quality of your jacket, since some unusual colors, but that they can like you much could, often, not be of very good quality. The traditional black jackets are very versatile, so if you want to invest in a good jacket is your best option, but if you want to opt for a coffee, burgundy or other color remember to follow our previous tips regarding its texture and always choose those with Matte finish, since they will not suffer as much damage with the friction as it will with the more satin.