Warm Feet-Man Looking for Winter Shoes 40

Boots are too chic, sneakers to teen, trekking treads to unfashionable: If men need winter boots, it will be difficult. Our author has gone on the search.

Men behave in relation to winter shoes like with winter tyres for your car: you buy only when it gets really cold, when snow is falling, or if it three times in a row in the morning had to scrape the windshield. Even if it can be then too late to get more reasonable copies.

Especially for winter shoes, it will be tricky. This has perhaps to do that in men boots basically strange look, unless they want to fish, hunt or playing Polo. Although recently I saw a guy in jeans and knee-high boots in the middle of the city, but that was in the chic Düsseldorf – because people generally have a rather strange understanding of fashion with opinion of Extrareference.com.

Otherwise the search is difficult after the proper winter boot very, just for men at the 40. Because it is so slow from age out, where will the latest sneakers always go, but still not really have in the age in which they constantly send if possible Welt-sewn shoes on the feet – but it has still enough time, if you’re over 50.

“In My Desperation I Whistled on Any Shame”

Unfortunately draws the hang motto “just normal shoes wear and thick socks to do so”, when it comes to the crunch. I remember a winter a few years ago, in which Hamburg was for weeks under a cooling Bell and many men acted on just this motto. And so they were awkwardly sliding on the icy sidewalks along, always ugly snow borders on fancy shoes, to grey, thick socks looked out above. I think there are some activities that are degrading as snow edges of leather shoes again to get away.

In my desperation, I whistled for a few days on any shame and ran with low but fed and provided with sole rubber boots through the town – always observing, to look at any of the oncoming people directly in the eye and see their horror if my shoe choice.

Hiking, trekking or mountain shoes may seem to some as his choice, but it has its reason, why the shoes are called so: in order to attract them when hiking, trekking or on the mountain – and not in the city. Especially since there seems to be a competition among the Functional shoe designers, which rewarded those who placed the most neon colors on his shoe – and everyone wants to win.

“I’ve Stretched My Legs Still Times Extra”

My ideal winter boot I found then by chance, when window watching a model eye fell to me, where I just thought: so what is it? Chucks in the winter version: Classic, understated look, black, extra thick, non-slip sole, lined and also with a water repellent surface. For four years, so four times from October to April, this shoe has accompanied me daily, by walking in the slush on restaurant visits, city shopping, Oh, cold and wet, almost everywhere. And when I sat somewhere in the subway, I have still time extra stretched my legs to show: look, men, I found him!

But despite numerous visits at the Schuster, he was definitively intolerable last spring. And how it is so beautiful and good things: have their time, there is unfortunately no longer the model. And I’m back on the search. But fortunately a trend has developed from it somehow, and now some models in the winter version offers almost every sneaker company.

Converse was originally even a company that produced winter footwear, but even the skaters company of vans based in the truly rare cold or snowy California now offers versions of some classics in the “mountain Edition” – lining, water-repellent materials and sole. And all without a hint of neon colors and classic design.

Yes it is sometimes for men so easy.