We Compare The Zara of Nuevos Ministerios (The World’s Largest The) Vs The Primark of Gran ViA Are Somewhat More Impressive?

For lovers of shopping, there are new must-see in Madrid to the The world’s largest Zara. The new store, located on the promenade of the 79 Castellana, in the business heart of the capital, falls in love with his minimalist style to a larger firm boutique style. If you want something even bigger but less sophisticated, don’t hesitate to go to the Gran Via, a true addiction Primark.

Zara and Primark in square meters

The new one Zara It is the result of the architectural project led by the The Coruña Elsa Urquijo, noted for the creation of a cube of glass and light in four plants: Child (plant – 1), (plant 0 and 1) and women (plant 2). A space of 6,000 square meters, very majestic in its interior, soberly decorated and with several exclusive spaces where you’ll find clothing and unique accessories. The price of a square meter of area is 4.059 euro.

The largest of Spain Primark, and the second largest in the world It is located on the street Gran Via 32, has nothing more and less than 12,400 square meters, nothing twice Zara, with more variety of garments, accessories, accessories, decor, beauty… The building, also belongs since the beginning of year 2016 to Pontegadea, Amancio Ortega real estate society. The price of a square meter of area is at 3,906 euros.

The great advantage of buying at Zara: its unique collections

The world’s largest Zara He has four entrances, three of them are situated on the ground floor, of which two are located in the Paseo de la Castellana and the other in the back of the building, you can find all the most famous brand of Inditex collections, including his adored clones, at half price. But best of all is that it counts with Collections and unique pieces.

It is of lines and exclusive pieces, specifically created for this store. Proposals for women inspired by the world of dance, with different labels, a menswear collection that has been named as collection Castellana, and one for children, inspired by the world of graffiti. In addition to three pairs of sandals by design.

The great advantage of buy Primark: prices

The Irish chain, you’ll find collections of both women, men and children, home fashion trend… to prices very low cost. It is without doubt his great advantage, you can go to fashion and buy many items at the price of one of Zara. Specifically in the Gran Via, there is more variety of garments, sizes and unique pieces that no other stores. For something is the second biggest in the world and the largest in Spain.

Zara to the last, also in technology

This macro space, which is set to become the bane of shopping, has with 21 payment terminals, in which all clients can also make payment by mobile, a new service that is available at Zara app and the app of the group, called InWallet.

All eco-friendly

The eco-efficiency It is a priority in the design of new Inditex stores, with the aim of making 100 percent of the stores of the Group environmentally sustainable and efficient in the consumption of resources by 2020. Consume 20% less electricity and 40% less water than conventional tents.

Also prioritize the use of recycled and reused materials, with low energy consumption. For example, all the wood used comes from forests managed in a sustainable and responsibly; All forest source products used in the shop are under sustainable forest certification; All the furniture and paper products, such as bags of paper and labels, have the PEFC or FSC labels, e say, ensure that the entire process of the raw material forest management is sustainable and controlled way.

Therefore this macro Zara shop offers customers a container of used clothing collection. Collected items remain two possible paths: those that can be reused, are resold with social purposes by organizations such as Caritas; the others will be destined for recycling to obtain eco-sustainable fabrics.

The world’s largest Zara is also the more eco-efficient in the world, in fact has a collection of recycled clothing. It’s the line Join Life, sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion with the environment, garments made with recycled materials and has incorporated this collection the new fabric Refibra Lyocell (synthetic fiber) created from recycled cotton and fibre from sustainably managed forests.

On the other hand, Primark also supports the environment. As you all know their shopping bags are made of paper, but it’s made of cardboard and paper recycling bags. Mark recycle approximately 551 tons of hangers, 263 tons of plastic and 5.501 tons of cardboard only in Spain.