What Bags Carried in The Fashion Week According to The Fashionistas

In the care outfits that I’m seeing in the Paris fashion week, bags play a fundamental role. They are capable of transforming a look, making it more casual, more chic or trendy … believe that there is no place where has seen more Chanel Handbags per square meter, especially the mythical 2.55 model, that you will always get to give a special touch to any look. It is one of those classics that is worth investing.

Always goes well a good big bag for the marathon days of Fashion Week in Paris fashion shows are not located in one place. Here each designer choose the place, so sales of one and you’ll literally running to the next. These xxl models are ideal for carrying everything you need and continue to be of the most cool.

It is possible that you have to take your computer or iPad to work between shows, and with a cover like this don’t let go trendy.

And if you’re that only carries the makeup and mobile, with a clutch metal tones will be ideal.

Another model I’ve seen much this time is the satchel type, in different versions. The color I love hearts and fluorine!