What to See in Hong Kong, China

By | July 9, 2022

According to ITYPEMBA, Hong Kong is the capital of the Hong Kong Special Autonomous Region. It is a modern and dynamically developing city, but at the same time it is closely connected with its past. The age of the first settlement in Hong Kong is estimated at 4500 years. The center of Hong KongĀ ‘s financial and commercial life is the Central area. There are branded shops, fashionable hotels, museums. Not far from the pier, where the Star Ferry arrives from the mainland, is Statue Square., from which you can start a walk through the sights of British colonial architecture. Among them, the most prominent are the building of the Legislative Council, the Anglican Cathedral of St. John “s Cathedral on Garden Road, the building of the former French mission, the Fringe Club, as well as the Government House, in which 25 English governors lived from 1855 to 1997. Skyscrapers are the hallmark of Hong Kong. There are so many high-rise buildings – business centers, hotels and residential buildings with a height of 60-80 floors, probably not found in any city in the world.The tourist highlight is the nightly laser show projected on the coastal towers.The most famous skyscrapers are Pacific Place, the Bank of China and HSBC central office. The Pacific Place skyscraper reflects the whole style and elegance of the metropolis. Here, on an area of 26,000 m 2, offices of world companies, luxury hotels, excellent shops, restaurants and all kinds of entertainment complexes are located. Pacific Place is one of the largest commercial centers in the world. The exterior of the Bank of China building resembles bamboo stalks, and its triangular glass roof changes color with the time of day. HSBC Central Office is one of the most expensive skyscrapers. It is considered a lucky omen to rub the claws of the two bronze lions guarding the northern entrance to the building.

The main attraction is the highest point of the island – Victoria Peak . (554 m). The mountain is equipped with a special platform, which offers stunning views of Victoria Bay, framed by skyscrapers. You can get to the top by tram. Also, a unique type of public transport passes along the slopes of the mountain – an outdoor escalator. Below, it originates on Des Voeux Road Central and rises almost to the middle of the slope of Victoria Peak to Conduit Road. The escalator consists of 20 mechanical stairs and three moving walkways that move 43,000 passengers a day at a speed of 0.65 m/s and have a capacity of 8,000 people per hour. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, the only museum of its kind in Asia, has recently opened at the peak.

At the foot of Victoria Peak is a Hong Kong park. This beautifully landscaped green oasis features fountains and ponds, a bird aviary, a greenhouse, a graphic arts center and an amphitheater where tai chi exercises are practiced in the morning. Here you can find the desired shade and enjoy the fresh air.

The park is home to the excellent Museum of Teaware. There are also tennis and squash courts, a swimming pool open from April to November. During the Lunar New Year (January/February), the largest Chinese flower fair takes place in the park. The botanical gardenĀ can be another hiding place on a hot day.. Established in the 1860s, the park has retained all the attributes of the Victorian era, including a wrought iron music kiosk and an amazing greenhouse. A zoo is attached to the botanical garden, where there are more than 200 species of birds, as well as orangutans and jaguars. The main entrance to the park is located on the side of Upper Albert Road.

Of the temples in Hong Kong, it is worth noting Man Mo and Tin Hau. Man Mo Temple, built in 1800, is the oldest and most beautiful temple in the city. It is dedicated to two gods. Man is the god of literature, Mo is the god of war. Tin Hau Temple is dedicated to the sea goddess Tin Hau. He is most frequently featured in Hong Kong gangster films.. Built a few meters from the shore, it creates the illusion of an underwater sanctuary rising from the sea. The square in front of the temple is a favorite place for chess players.

After exploring interesting places, you can relax in one of the many clubs or bars in Hong Kong. One of the most popular bars is Old China Hand.

There are more than 40 beaches in Hong Kong, the best of which are considered to be Lo Sho Shin on Lamma Island, as well as Pyu O and Cheong Sha Upper Beach on Lantau (the longest beach in Hong Kong). The beaches provide excellent opportunities for a variety of water sports, and local facilities for golf, squash, ice skating, cricket, horse racing and yachting are considered among the best in the region. There are also several beaches in the southern part of Hong Kong Island – in Deep Water and Repulse bays.

Hong Kong, China