What to See in Nassau (Bahamas)

By | July 9, 2022

According to SIMPLYYELLOWPAGES, Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas. It is located on New Providence Island. It is the historical, cultural and business center of the islands.

The city was founded in 1670 by the British. Initially, it was called Charlestown, but then it was renamed in honor of Prince William of Orange-Nassau. Because of the struggle for territory between England and her opponents, Nassau was attacked more than once. Pirates did not leave the city alone, because it was a great place to hide. In 1783, the power of England was established in this territory, until they gained independence. Today Nassau is the bustling center of the Bahamas, with luxury hotels, cabaret and casino. Thanks to the numerous ships that stop in the city during cruises, it has become not only a place of entertainment, but also a commercial center. Nassau architecture designed in Victorian style. Most of the buildings erected in the 19th century are reminiscent of the power of the British. On the main square of the city РParliament Square Рin its very center stands a statue of Queen Victoria. Around it are the buildings of the Parliament, the Supreme Court, the Colonial Administration. At the highest point of the city is the Government House. Opposite this building in 1830, in honor of the discovery of the New World, a monument to Christopher Columbus was erected. The most visited place by tourists is the Royal Staircase, located on Elizabeth Avenue. These are 65 steps carved out of limestone, symbolizing the 65 years of the reign of Queen Victoria. It links Fort Fincastle and the Princess Margaret Hospital. To the west of the harbor, on a hill, is Fort Charlotte, which was built in 1788 to protect the city from pirates. There is a moat, many underground tunnels, dungeons. Fort Charlotte is currently a museum. The oldest fort on New Providence is Fort Montagu. It was built in 1741 in limestone on the east side of the harbour.

The main street of Nassau is Bay Street. It is full of shop signs and restaurant menus. The luxurious Cable Beach area amazes with the beauty of hotels, beaches, casinos and discos.

Not far from Nassau is Paradise Island. It is connected to the city by two bridges. There are gorgeous beaches, expensive hotels and casinos.

Types of Tourism in in Bahamas

Beach vacation.

Most tourists go to the Bahamas to just lie on sandy beaches that stretch for hundreds of kilometers and are protected from cold winds by coral reefs, swim in the clear waters of the ocean, and enjoy the greenery of coconut palms. The most popular resorts are located on the islands of New Providence, Paradise and Grand Bahama.


Diving is suitable for divers of all skill levels. Visibility – 18-37 m. Most of the islands offer divers shallow reefs from 3 m to 15 m, as well as reefs at great depths from 30 m. In the ocean depths south of the Bahamas, the Gulf Stream originates, which rushes north, carrying with it sea life from the Caribbean to the Atlantic. The Gulf Stream is a barrier protecting Bahamas from river sediment and Florida runoff. Thanks to him and the ocean trenches, in the depths of which sediments are deposited, and excellent visibility is provided. You can get acquainted with various types of underwater inhabitants on the Bahama Bank, which rises from the depths of the ocean in some places up to 6 m from the surface. These are sharks, dolphins, rays, reef fish, angelfish, moray eels.

Scuba divers are also attracted here by the so-called “blue holes”. These places get their name from the fact that they appear dark blue when viewed from above. The mass of underwater tunnels, passages and coral reefs, as well as shipwrecks from the time of the Civil War, in which lobsters and octopuses live, make it possible to combine diving on reefs and diving in caves, and are also of interest to underwater photographers. On the islands located further south, due to higher temperatures, night diving is common, you can admire the sleeping sharks.

The best season for diving on the islands is November – May.

Popular places for outdoor activities are: the islands of Andros, Berry, Bimini – fishing, described by E. Hemingway (“Islands in the Ocean”); islands of Abakos, Elluthera – diving in coral reefs; Exuma Islands, Long Island – yacht trips; Inagua island – swimming with dolphins and watching exotic iguanas and pink flamingos.

Fishing – thanks to the Gulf Stream, the catches here are record-breaking.

The excursion program is not of great interest. The main attractions of the Bahamas – these are sandy beaches, tropical vegetation and a rich underwater world. Among the sights of the country’s capital, one can single out the parliament building and the court building, Government House (built in 1801) – the official residence of the Governor General. Tourists are also attracted by the “sea gardens”, Fort Charlotte (1789), Fort Fincastle (1793), the botanical garden “Adastra Gardens”, which presents many tropical and subtropical plants, Jambi Village – a reconstruction of the British settlement of the XVIII century.

The Bahamas is a major gambling center. All casinos are open 24 hours a day. Here is the largest casino in the Caribbean.

Nassau (Bahamas)