Victoria (Seychelles)

Excursions and cruises around the islands are very popular in the Seychelles. The central and largest island of the archipelago is Mahe. The highest point on the island is Mount Morne Blanc (907 m). It is located in the center of the National Park, where unique relic trees are collected. There are many natural attractions on the island. St. Anne’s National Marine Park was founded in 1973 and was the first such park in the Indian Ocean. It includes 6 islands, between which the boat runs. Its underwater part has transparent glasses, so you can admire the colorful underwater world. Fishing and collecting shells are not allowed in the park, but you can snorkel and feed the fish. On the island of Mahe is the capital of the state – the city of Victoria. It is the smallest capital in the world. The name of the city was given by the British in honor of their queen. There is a traditional market “Aladdin’s cave”, “Big Ben” (a miniature copy of the London Clock Tower), built in 1903, several buildings in the British colonial style. In the city you can visit the local Botanical Garden of Mont-Fleury. It was founded in 1901. Here, on 6 hectares of land, about 200 species of exotic plants are represented. Be sure to visit the tea plantations and the village of artisans who put up their work for sale. In the vicinity of the island of Mahe (700 m) there is an island Anonymous, on which several villas are located, and the rest here belongs to the “luxury” class.

The second largest island is Praslin (37 km northeast of the island of Mahe). It is famous for its gorgeous beaches and natural reserve – May Valley. This place has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. According to legend, it was here that the Gardens of Eden were located. May Valley is the only place on earth where the coco de mer coconut grows naturally. The vast vanilla plantations are worth visiting. Cousin Island is located 2 km from Praslin Island. It is a nature reserve for the protection of birds. Here you can not smoke, have picnics, swim and collect shells. Bird lovers must visit the northernmost island of the Seychelles – Avian, where more than 2 million black terns nest. You will hardly see such a variety of birds anywhere, take a walk along the narrow paths of the local forest and enjoy their singing.

Not far from Praslin is the small island of La Digue (5 km long and 3 km wide). They move around on bicycles. Here you will find the most mesmerizing landscapes. Bay Suret d’Arzhan with bizarre granite blocks is a favorite place for tourists who are fond of photography, it is she who is depicted on all postcards and brochures dedicated to the Seychelles. At Lugnion Manor you can get acquainted with the technology of production of coconut oil and copra. Frigate¬†Island attracts with legends about hidden treasures, because earlier this island was a haven for pirates. Now there are 16 villas on it, where the richest people on the planet rest. You won’t see cars on Silhouette Island because there aren’t even any roads. A walk through the tropical forest, where cabbage palms, breadfruit and patching trees grow, will be very interesting and informative.

Travel to the world’s largest coral atoll, Aldabra. Its area is 360 sq. km. The atoll is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. On its territory you can see the largest colony of giant tortoises and many birds.

Night cruises around the islands are very romantic.

Victoria (Seychelles)

According to ALLPUBLICLIBRARIES, Victoria is the capital of the Seychelles. It is believed that this is the smallest capital in the world, and it is called a city only because all other settlements of the archipelago can hardly be classified as villages. Victoria was founded in 1778 on the island of Mahe by the French, but got its name from the British (the city is named after the Queen of England).

Victoria is filled with greenery – coconut palms grow everywhere, and the slopes of the hills surrounding the city are covered with tropical rainforests. The central street of the city is Market Street. According to the name, it houses numerous souvenir shops and small shops aimed specifically at tourists. Of the attractions in Victoria, a small copy of London’s Big Ben in the central square, built in 1903 and reminiscent of the rule of the British, the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, also belonging to the early 20th century, and the National Museum, which houses a stone cube, known as the “stone of possession”, installed on the territory of the present capital by the French in 1756. The city has a large market where all kinds of vegetables and fruits are sold, as well as seafood brought from all over the archipelago. For souvenirs, it is better to go to the village of artisans, where local craftsmen sell their works. You can enjoy the lush tropical vegetation in the Botanical Garden, which was founded in 1901, or in the orchid garden. Victoria has many modern buildings – the glass building of the Central Bank and the International Conference Center, as well as a variety of restaurants in the best Creole traditions, hotels with night discos and casinos.

Victoria (Seychelles)