Who Wants to Bring The Face of Hanneli Mustaparta in Zara T-Shirt?

Madness. Locuron. Despiporre. Everyone who call it as you want. But I’ve blown away to see to Hanneli Mustaparta converted into a Zara shirt (Yes, already my colleague anticipated it Charlie in June but has now come to the stores). I take it for granted that this time Inditex has sought permission, clear. Some bloggers have reached an (unjustified) die and cult status is unclear, but that you finish wearing them in your street style is something that does not fit me in the head. Call me short, that what I am, but this is a tacky.

I understand the Gagas of shift and other pop stars whose image becomes a pop icon Madonna, Jackson, look. I get it. We live in a society of image, there to worship someone and fashion needs to be renewed in a frantic way.

I also understand any shift group name on a t-shirt. Tu you have to convey your I staff, your image, your tastes, to the other. Demonstrate that Julio Cortázar excited although nothing more allas read to Coelho. There it depends on each one and how you want to sell.

But Hanneli Mustaparta? What brings you the blogger in a t-shirt? Above is a look of yours without grace on a slightly blurred camsieta and minimal tacking to give a touch “ monkey ”. By 15.95 euros. That if it was an original design, something that is not becoming a photograph so sosa t-shirt… well, I could understand it.

The word step I. I’m all ears because I miss here something.